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The Show

This podcast was started to promote conversation among members of the Mar Thoma Church (MTC). 

Topics are typically chosen at the discretion of the guest based on what they’d like to share or the topics they think would be of relevance for our community to consider and discuss further. Examples of content include personal stories or experiences, observations regarding current events, and questions and thoughts about the future.

The only real guidance given to guests is that they should think of their audience primarily as fellow members of the Marthoma community, primarily in North America. In doing this, I hope to promote conversation among our members that will lead to encouragement, education, and growth both individually and as a whole.

The Host

My name is George Mathew and I currently serve as host and producer of this podcast. I am a second-generation immigrant and spent the majority of my childhood as a member of St. James MTC in New York. Since then I have held membership in several North American parishes and am now a member of the St. Thomas MTC of Chicago together with my wife, Jenny, and our son John. I have remained an active member through participation in various ministries and by taking on various leadership roles, and hope that this podcast will be seen as another way of nurturing our community so that we may all be strengthened in our ministry as Christians.

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The Guests

I am always looking for new people to serve as guests on the show. Guests are invited to share their personal experiences or to simply come ready to have a conversation about topics that are of importance to them that may be of relevance to our Marthoma community. To suggest a name, please send me a message.

Thanks to all of my 2020 guests:

  • Brian Thomas (Ascension MTC)
  • Danielle Verghese (St. Thomas MTC of Delaware Valley)
  • Merry Thomas (Horeb MTC / Los Angeles, CA)
  • Nirmala Abraham (Philadelphia MTC)
  • OC Abraham (Philadelphia MTC)
  • Rev. Abraha Kuruvilla (Clergy)
  • Rev. Larry Varghese (Clergy)
  • Sajan Joseph (Redeemer MTC / NJ)
  • Shaun Rajan (St. Andrews MTC / NY)
  • Sindhu Aby (St. Thomas MTC of Delaware Valley)